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How WiFi Affected with Interference, Distortion and Noice

Wavelength Pattern of 2.4GHz WiFi draft have more broadband capacity than GSM 900MHz. Thats why its narrow band wavelenth die with no line of sight or obstacle, walls or hurdles. Wireless Access Points reguler Antennas don't capable to produce stronger signals but we can use other powerful antennas with same Wireless Access Point for better coverage.

Other thing is interference as the hurdels come other frequency wavelengths strike with it and creat back narrow wavelength interference or distortion for 2.4GHz wireless signal.

Other 2.4GHz Wireless Device also have great interference with WiFi Signal. And this noise drops the quality of signal so as a matter if signal power on recieving end is strong but quality is low then overall wireless connectivity is low with less bandwidth transfer rates.

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