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Do it Yourself 16dBi Panel Antenna Made From PCB

We Needed Following Things To Make this Homemade Do it Yourself WiFi Panel Antenna 1-Plastic Sticker or Plastic Paper (26x26 Cm) 2-Printer and its Paper 3-Nitric Acid or Sodium Nitrate .... Use OUTDOORS Very toxic 4-PCB 26x26 Cm Squire 5-Brass or Copper Sheet 36x36 Cm Squire 6-N-Type Connector 7-School Kids Rubber Eraser (4.5mm pieces for Spacing Between PCB and Brass Plate) 8–Seizer 9–Soldering Gun Download the following Picture and make a Printout with the same resolution size of print ...

Now Take the printout paper and cut all the black diagram out of that paper. Then place that on PCB sheets and paint the cut worked black box and lines. Goal is to Apply the paint on PCB with pattern of Print. See Picture Below for Painted PCBs

 After paint is dry on PCB ... Next step you have to do in well ventilated area or outdoor Take a plastic bucket now add 2 liter tap water in that bucket and 1 cup of Nitric acid Nitric is going to remove all unnecessary copper shield from PCB See Picture If you don't have Nitric Acid No Worry Follow the steps below Take 2 cups of battery acid (Diluted Sulfur Acid) now add little Sodium Nitrate to it this will work fine to remove extra copper shield on PCB

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