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Do it Yourself 16dBi Panel Antenna Made From PCB Part-2

Go Back To Part-1 Wireless 2.4Ghz 16dBi Panel Antenna Made From PCB Part-1

After Finishing with Acid now PCB is left behind only with our required pattren painted surface is save from acid. That patterned copper shield surface will create radiation for 16dBi power wave. PCB just out of acid bath

Now scrub and remove the yellow or blue paint that we was to apply before acid bath. PCB after scrubbing and paint is removed

Red marks to drill holes in PCB. These holes will be used to screw it with brass plate. Now this is time to assemble our antenna

On Brass Sheet Draw 2 cross lines from corner to corner Then place PCB Brass Plate adjust the corners with cross lines. Look for N Type connectors installation place on PCB pattern where you have to install N Connector

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