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WiFi Direct™ Certified Devices Online Guide

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct™
Mark of Certification for Devices witch establish Direct Wireless Connections or Communication with other WiFi Direct Devices or Traditional Home Wireless Network

wireless-wifi_direct .wi-fi-direct
WiFi plug and play supporting devices connect directly to any Wi-Fi  Direct™ certified Devices. or to Wireless Router for Internet or Network connectivity with a simple a easy way. Now a days Several Devices comply with Wi-Fi Direct™ Like, Printers, Media Sharing, Display Sharing,  Gameing Devices, All these devices can connect with each other without the Major Wireless Access Point Router or Hotspot Network.
Device with Wi-Fi Direct™ like PCs, Printers, Cameras, Mobile Phones, and Gaming Devices makes it easy to share content and applications easily.
These Devices can make single connection to single device or a group of Wirelessly direct connected devices.
WiFi Direct™ Devices establish connections most of the time just by pressing a button.  All devices can protect connectivity with latest WiFi or Wireless Security Technology WPA2. You don’t need Access Points or Internet Connections to enjoy the features of these Wireless Devices. Where ever you go your Personal Wi-Fi Network always with you in your Gadgets kit or Vehicle.
Wi-Fi direct uses peer to peer connectivity. Direct (Peer-to-Peer) .Wi-Fi direct can search for nearby equipment. With an information about the services available on other end.

Wi-Fi Direct Supports Higher Bandwidth at 250 Mega bits per second

And this is a superb speed rate for HD streaming Video or HD Pictures …. So now one Direct WiFi Phone is also a Tiny SPY WiFi Camera Gadget for you … Place one in hidden to capture the video and transmitting … and other WiFi Direct Certified Mobile Phone for Receiving and Recording …
Wi-Fi Direct Certified Devices Support for Backward 802.11xxx drafts
Its backward compatibility with older Wireless draft of 802.11b 802.11g, 802.11n Networking Standards. You can connection your WiFi Direct Certified Devices to Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Printer, Access Point, Wireless Router, and Many other Devices of 802.11 Wireless Network. This new technology is more advance and convenient than Ad hoc or Bluetooth. In the near Future you will se more and more deployment of Wi-Fi Direct technology in Wireless Devices and this will give a boost to the Wireless Business Trending companies.
  1. Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 WiFi card ,
  2. Samsung Galaxy S (World’s first smartphone that support Wi-Fi Direct).
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