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Testing Your Network’s Security Parameters Using Security Tools.

Some details about what kind of data you need to collect and analyze for security audit and better understanding of network traffic flow.

You need to check these parameters.

  • Internet Connection for bandwidth, It is delivered as your internet connection explained by ISP, or less speed is available to you.
  • How many users have access to your network.
  • Captive Portal Functionality if you are offering volume based packages to your customers or network users.
  • How many services and what level of service are offered.
  • Health of your Wireless Network for mails, virus, heavy broadcasting, routing loops, denial of service attacks, and others possible threats.
  • Users who are using most of your network’s bandwidth.
  • Configurations and path of installed network applications like Proxy Servers, Firewalls, Cache and others.
  • Your maximum throughput of wireless packets per second.
  • Frequent disassociation of connections.
  • Encryption and its configuration files or settings.
  • Access logs of your wireless router and other network devices, to see if any other IP or User enter in your Devices to manipulate configurations.
  • Run “nmap” to collect information if any of your network device or users system have open ports for hacks. And alert your users and fix problems within your network. best practice is to scan for whole IPs of Network from *.*.*.0 to *.*.*.255 for live hosts then scan those hosts for open ports.

This is not a complete list there are many other things you may be need to care for a better and tighter security of your internet wireless network.

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