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Nagios Wireless Network Managment Tool

A very Powerful Network Management tool, or application with addable extensions or plugins
Nagios-HostGroups ping services nagios
 nagios breakdowns of service state nagios-service-status-details-all-hosts  
A very powerful, host, service, application for network monitoring, an enterprise host and enterprise solution for fast, flexible, and stable platform of network management and monitoring. Nagios monitor services, hosts and network traffic notify you in real time when issues started within your network. Notifications via e-mail, SMS for selected persons or groups.
Runs on Linux or BSD with a Web GUI (Graphic User Interface) and displays status of system very early as the problems raised.
By Running small scripts you can monitor any network query or traffic, these scripts check results with expected responses. These Nagios extensions or plugins can figure out problems at a very high expert level and as for as for a very simple problems like Ping stats of all time response times. Nagios inform you for faulty network conditions as a real time informer. Alerts for Atmosphere Temperature, Bandwidth Usage, CPU Temperature, Ping Delays or Breaks and many other sort of Alerts within a minute of problem started.
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