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WL24005 Wi Fi Amplifier, Access Point, Bridge, Repeater, FCC & CE APPROVED


Weight: 12.00 lbs
Price: $825.00

This system can be set up as Access Point. AP Bridge, Client Device or Repeater. It is the best product in the class for the price and our clients have experienced great success in deploying this unit.
WL-24005G2.4GHz Long Range Wireless LAN Platform
Digital data & voice transmission over 10 km LOS 802.11g
Usage and Advantages
Digital long-range wireless transmission for data and voice.
Extending LAN, VOIP, phone, Internet, data, image, voice up to 10 km.
Extending LAN network from urban through far isolated rural areas: islands, mountains, villages, stand-alone farms, isolated construction sites, mines, RV Parks and other areas without wired broadband service
Expanding existing LAN network among buildings, offices, companies, branches, cities, groups, factories, etc.
Combining usage of WEB related equipment like VOIP, camera for versatile applications. Advantages especially great in those areas lacking broad-band infrastructure

POE (Power over Ethernet) Design
True Outdoor unit, weather-proof, operating under 35C ~ 70C
Least gain loss of antennas, highest transmission efficiency
POE (Power over Ethernet) design, best performance with most stability

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