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ASU24005gN, 802.11g WiFi Access Point, WiFi Repeater, WiFi Bridge, Outdoor WiFi


Weight:7.00 lbs

Network security and supports Web-based configuration through Internet browsers such as MS, IE and Netscape. The ASU-24005gN complies with IEEE 802.3af.It also has CE, IP68 and FCC approvals.This unit comes complete with everything required for easy installation EXCLUDING YOUR SELECTION OF ANTENNA AND ANTENNA CABLE. It is fully programmable by the user to meet a variety of needs including Access Point, Access Point Repeater, Bridge or Client Premise Equipment. For instructions on the Access Point/Repeater setup, please look at the following:
For an idea of different installation scenarios, please look at the following:

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  1. Don’t waist your money on Ca word WIFI OUTDOOR 500MW WI FI ACCESS POINT, REPEATER. It doesn’t have the power needed. 500MW is = to ½ to wait. It will only get you 500 SQF of cover in the city.
    Beware of Ca word WIFI 20% restocks fee! That is not list on the bill of sale. But it hides under his Return Policy on his webpage. Also that Dave the owner is a big lire. He will say anything to get you to buy junk.