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Mint Wireless V10 pico-projector gets Aussie launch in September

Mint Wireless are preparing to launch a pico-projector capable of creating a 50-inch 640 x 480 image from a box measuring just 125 x 55 x 23mm. The V10, which goes on sale in Australia in September 2008, can either connect to a laptop or use media stored on its 1GB of internal memory or via its SD slot.

Mint Wireless are claiming the LED bulb has a lifespan of 20,000 hours, and that it requires no “warm up” and instead is ready for use instantly. No battery details as yet, but they claim “hours of use” from a single charge.

The projector itself is manufactured by Aiptek, who also make budget HD camcorders and digital notepads. There’s no word on the actual brightness of the projector, but it will retail at around AUS$649 (US$602).

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