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Celleden launches Wireless Stereo Player & the Bluetooth dongle

Celleden has planned to introduce two of its products for the UK markets, the Wireless Stereo Player & Speakerphone and the Bluetooth Universal Stereo Dongle. Both these products are catered towards the in-car entertainment segments easing the compatibility to engage in music from different devices harmoniously. The Stereo Player & Speakerphone is a Bluetooth enabled devices that is similar to a portable speaker system enabling you to enjoy and share your music on the move. A spring-loaded compartment stores the speakers to ensure they are secure on a bumpy ride. It can be paired with a Bluetooth enabled phone to act as a hands free speakerphone.

Now comes the Celleden Bluetooth Universal Stereo Dongle, this device is like a converter which connects to any 3.5mm jack and transmits the music to the Wireless stereo player. So incase you have a CD player lying around the back or just want to listen to some music from your iPod or your mobile phone without draining its batteries, this device could come in handy. The Dongle also can be used as a USB drive after installing some software on to your laptop, and also be paired with various other Bluetooth enabled devices. 

The Celleden Wireless Stereo Player & Speakerphone has a 10m range and works for up to 20 hours on 4AA batteries. It is 160 x 72 x 32 mm and is priced at £49.99($87.93). The Celleden Bluetooth Universal Stereo Dongle also has a 10m range and is powered by a rechargeable battery. It weighs 26g, is 60 x 35 x 14mm and is priced at £39.99 ($78.17).

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