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Reliawave™ RWA 5000 Quad 900Mhz / 2.4Ghz/ 4.9Ghz / 5Ghz

The Reliawave RWA 5000 product line is a quad radio wireless network-in-box solution designed to enable the immediate deployment of profitable public and/or cost-effective private WLAN networks by service providers and enterprises. Designed for outdoor deployment, the RWA 5000 can be used for traditional fixed wireless deployments, using a CPE device, or to send signals into buildings from the outside allowing for simple to manage mobile/hotspot solutions! It integrates wireless access and back haul in to a single simple to install solutions. This cellular architecture simplifies WLAN infrastructures and eliminates crippling T1 and DSL back haul costs, which have so far stifled the deployment of economical, medium- and large-scale public WLAN networks.

• Eliminates the need for cables, extra switches and routers to interconnect wireless nodes.
• Reduces WLAN operating expenditures by up to 90%.
• Requires ten to twenty times fewer access points compared to indoor solutions.
• Eliminates T1, DSL and other back haul costs.
• Eliminates disruptive, in-building network deployment.
• Reduces WLAN capital expenditures by up to 70%.


• High speed fixed wireless up to 25 mile radius (WISP)
• Apartment buildings
• Hot spots, such as coffee shops, book stores, office buildings
• Campuses
• Complex shaped buildings
• Buildings where it is difficult to add cables
• Corporate offices, manufacturing centers, universities, hospitals, research parks,municipal centers
• Hot zones such as business districts, office parks, airports, hotels, conference centers, recreation areas, and shopping malls


Reliawave™ RWA 5000 Outdoor AP/Router/Hotspot Controller
Ethernet Connection: IEEE 802.3 10/100BaseT (RJ-45)
Standard: IEEE 802.11a (Wireless LAN)IEEE 802.11g (Wireless LAN) IEEE 802.11b (Wireless LAN)IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet)
Network Interface: 2x 10/100Mb Ethernet
Wireless Interface: 1-4x N Female Connectors
Memory: 64Mb
Flash: 16Mb
Operation Modes: Access Point / WDS / Repeater / Client Bridge / Client Station / Ad hoc / Wireless Router
Management : Java GUI and SSH Client
External Power Jack (via POE): 48 VDC @1A (O.D - 5.5mm, I.D - 2.1mm) (POE and PS included)
Mounting: Pole mount via 2pc clamps (included)
Enclosure: Water Tight Aluminum Enclosure
AP Weight: 5 lbs
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs
Dimension: 8.75" x 12" x 3"
Temperature Range: -40C ~ +65C
RoHS Compliance: YES
Relative Humidity: 10% to 90% non condensing
Manual: User Guide
Firmware NOS: Firmware
To enable unparalleled deployment flexibility the RWA 5000 product line is a compact, environmentally hardened outdoor package that allows for a variety of mounting options. It can be mounted on any type of pole or readily attached to the side or roof of a building. Installation can be completed by one person, in one trip, there are no extra switches, routers or cables required to connect multiple RWA 5000's. The 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz 4.9Ghz or 5Ghz backbone provides carrier-class network level redundancy to ensure service availability without operator intervention. It also makes interconnecting the RWA 5000 platforms much simpler and more cost-effective than conventional architectures. Salability and reliability are enhanced because the cellular LAN supports multiple, full duplex, Fast Ethernet exit points. In addition, wireless static or dynamic routing with load balancing using RIP with alternate paths are used to enhance system availability and provide a self-healing routing network.The true value of the RWA 5000's is its ability to enable the deployment of medium and large-scale WLAN/MAN's that make business sense. By integrating the access radio and the interconnection network between access points into a single, compact, outdoor package, the RWA 5000's dramatically reduces capital and operating expenses. It goes beyond basic WiFi to provide low-cost, mobile networking without limits for service providers, enterprises, and users.

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