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Logitech Squeezebox Classic - Media streamer

Price inc VAT   £164.95

Product Information

Squeezebox is the affordable way to deliver music into every room of your home. It plays a wide variety of digital music files, including uncompressed and lossless formats across a true 802.11g wireless network connection. 

Squeezebox will revolutionize the way you listen by freeing you and your music. It's convenient and stylish form makes it ideal for placing in any room, whether connected to an existing hifi system or simply powered speakers. By utilizing true 802.11g wireless networking and dual internal antennas, your listening is no longer restricted by cables and connectors. 

Squeezebox offers you the widest choice of listening options beyond your music collection. The product includes a directory of thousands of internet radio stations and features Pandora's personalized music service and Rhapsody's 2 million song collection. All internet streaming services are even available when your computer is turned off 
Network Wireless Music Streaming System
Plugs into hifi & plays music on your PC
Large bright screen & remote control
Browse your music collection on-screen
Connects wirelessly to your network
Supports compressed & uncompressed files
Built in 802.11g & Ethernet port
Works on PC, Mac & Linux
2 Year guarantee
Full product support

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