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Freecom Musicpal Internet and MP3 Stre - Media streamer

Price inc VAT  £29.97

Product Information

The easy way to listen to thousands of internet radio stations and your MP3 music anywhere in your home or office!

Want to listen to popular internet radio stations and music stored your PC’s music library, without being confined to your computer? Just put the Freecom internet radio MP3 streamer anywhere in your house and, with the push of a button, play thousands of digital internet radio stations or stream your own digital music library from your PC to anywhere: in the bedroom, the kitchen, the home office or the garage.

Tune into over 5.000 internet radio broadcasts with vTuner or listen to your own favourite MP3 music from your computer or network 

MusicPal comes standard with vTuner and creates an easy way to select the best stations on your MusicPal

No wires needed; MusicPal has built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and a Ethernet port

Installation takes less than 25 seconds

Live News
Keep up-to-date with the latest news and blog entries using the Live RSS/Blog feeds. MusicPal can display the latest news, your local weather forecast or blog information and will update you automatically whenever there is new content.

With the built-in alarm clock, it is a great bedside companion. Wake up with your favourite music playing. MusicPal is a full function clock radio with alarm, sleep and snooze function.

Stylish black design fits every home and office environment

Convenient navigation and control with the easy to use scrolling wheels

Favourites button to access your pre-set favourite stations easy and quickly

Large display shows you all sorts of information such as; radio station, artist, time, latest news and more

Wireless Digital Internet Radio
MP3 Player and music streamer
Tune into >5000 internet radio stations
Listen to music stored on PC or network
vTuner - easy way to select best stations
Plays digital internet radio with a PC
Stream MP3 music from your PC or network
Built in speakers - listen anywhere
Built in 802.11b/g WiFi & ethernet port
Connect to HiFi/stereo - stereo sound

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