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Belkin G+MIMO Notebook Starter Kit Wireless G+MIMO ADSL Broadband Modem Router & Notebook Card

Price inc VAT  £62.97

Product Information

Wireless G+ MIMO Modem Router (F5D9630uk4A)
Connect directly to your Broadband ADSL line to create a Wireless Network in your home or office. Share music, movies and data files among all your computers with wireless convenience of Belkin's Wireless G+MIMO Router. Everyone can get in on the high-speed action - ideal for homes and small office settings. 

Wireless G+MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) is based on a smart antenna technology that builds upon the widely deployed 802.11g standard by increasing speed, coverage, and reliability of wireless systems. Ideal for homes with multiple wireless-enabled computers, Wireless G Plus MIMO provides a wider coverage area for downloading music from the Internet, sharing photos, and gaming online. Its design helps combat distortion and interference that lets the Belkin products send data streams farther and more reliably. 

Wireless G+ MIMO Notebook Card (F5D9010uk)
The G+MIMO Notebook adapter connects your notebook computer to your wireless network. With a wireless router as your central connection point for your network, your computers can share files, printers, hard drives and - via a DSL modem - broadband access to the Internet.

G+ MIMO features

Up to 1000 ft of wireless range
Belkin G Plus MIMO delivers the industry's best wireless coverage, extending your range with improved reliability and fewer drops

10x the wireless speed
10 times faster than 802.11b and double the speed of 802.11g

Guaranteed inter-operability
G Plus MIMO is Wi-Fi certified for secure network connection and seamlessly inter-operates with a mixture of Belkin's G Plus MIMO, Pre-N, and legacy 802.11b/802.11g devices

Improves performance of legacy 802.11g and 802.11b networking devices
In mixed networking environments, Belkin G Plus MIMO products increase 802.11g and 802.11b performance up to 10%
Modem Router - F5D9630uk4A
Notebook Card - F5D9010uk
Connection type - For BT Connections
Data Transfer Speed - Faster than 802.11b
Wireless Range - Up to 300 metres
Ideal Usage - Great for music/photos
Security Features - Built in firewall
Setup - Easy install wizard
Warranty - Lifetime warranty
Technical Support - Freephone support

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