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AID2401 SUPER G, WiFi Access Point, WiFi Repeater, 802.11g


Weight: 3.50 lbs
Price: $295.00


Now you can connect to the nearest Hot Spot from your car, in your house or in the park. 2.4Ghz Client side device for either mobile outdoor, fixed indoor or wireless ethernet connection and is fully programmable as Access Point/Bridge/Repeater/Client Device. This unit has an outstanding range of up to 1 kilometer (line of sight) between your laptop and the Hot Spot when used outdoors, can deliver a WiFi signal indoors that crosses 3 floors (non line of sight, normal concrete construction) or 4 miles in a fixed, indoor environment with the included Yagi antenna (depending on the source of the signal). You can select the configuration - Fixed or Mobile and use it as an Access Point, Bridge, Repeater or Client Device.

The Mobile set includes:
54 Mbps unit,
100mW Rubber Antenna,
5-dbi AC/DC Adapter
Twin Cable (LAN + USB)
The Fixed Set Includes:
54 Mbps unit,
100mW AC/DC Adapter
Twin Cable (LAN + USB)
2.4GHz, 13-dbi, Yagi Antenna
10-meter Antenna Cable (SMA)

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